What We Do

What we do.

Creating access to clean water varies in method, depending on the location, community and scale of need. We utilize the most appropriate technology available to our local partners to accomplish our mission.

Biosand Filters

The Biosand filter is an innovative version of the slow sand filter specifically designed for schools, clinical, and/or household use – local + sustainable.

Well Drilling

Drilling borehole wells provide a sustainable clean water supply to entire communities where ground water sources are a viable option.

Well Repair

Aging water wells need regular maintenance and occasional repair. Our partners repair any wells needing attention at each of their project sites.


Each WASH project provides one school with latrines, a bore-hole well, a water storage tank, filters and water taps that act as drinking fountains.

EcoSan Latrines

Provides an odor free latrine that separates human waste and converts it into usable fertilizer for local farming. Helps eliminate the spread of disease.

Handwashing Stations

Gives students at schools a simple way to eliminate the spread of sickness and disease.

Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

Allows the capture and storage of excess water during the rainy season so that no one has to go on long and dangerous journeys during the dry seasons.

The Impact Of Clean Water

Based on reports from the field when we install biosand filters or sink water wells, here is the impact we have observed. Between $8 and $20 dollars of need are lifted from an impoverished community every time a single dollar is invested in clean water solutions.

  • Taking the women and girls off the water trails protects them from sexual assault and kidnapping risks.
  • Women and girls do not have to go on long walking trails every day to retrieve water saving them time and enabling them to go to work or school.
  • Risk of death is averted. (780 million people currently lack clean water and some estimates say that every 21 seconds someone dies because of a lack of clean water).
  • Air pollution is reduced because water doesn’t need to be boiled before drinking it.
  • People get well from bacterial infections
  • They are able to digest their food properly..
  • Malaria pills work better as does all medicine.
  • The family chickens start laying eggs again or lay better eggs.
  • The family animals (if they have a goat or others) become stronger and healthier.