What Is Thirsty Thursdays?

Thirsty Thursdays is a fun opportunity for restaurants, coffee shops, and sports bars to get involved with a movement that is saving lives and changing the world by endeavouring to end the water crisis–Thirst Relief International.  On Thursdays, the participating establishments simply offer a special to all patrons who decide to support Thirst Relief.

How does Thirsty Thursdays work?

Are you a business owner?

You can partner with us by promoting Thirsty Thursdays with Thirst Relief! Just set aside a percentage of your sales on Thursdays to fight the world water crisis. Once a month donate those funds set aside to Thirst Relief. Let us know you are participating by sending an email to info@thirstrelief.org We will set up a landing page on our website encouraging people to visit your store, restaurant or sports bar on Thursdays to help raise funds for Thirst Relief. We will advertise the fundraising efforts on Google’s search to help encourage visits to your location. Let’s change the world together! Thirsty Thursdays with Thirst Relief!

Are you looking to donate?

You can download and set up the RoundUp App to give to Thirst Relief. As a perk, check out our Partners below to see restaurants and coffee shops that are offering specials near you! To get started click below to download the RoundUp App.

Check Out Our Current Partners!

Want to know more?

You can email us at info@thirstrelief.org, and someone will get back to you!