Meet Our Team

Jim Hicks

Jim and his family of 6 resemble that of a small nomadic tribe calling Ohio and Florida home. Jim and his wife Lara’s personal mission is to save lives and change the world, whether that’s through advocating on behalf of those that desperately need clean water, helping a neighbor in need, teaching about the medicinal use of essential oils or homeschooling their kids. It all serves the same greater calling. Jim serves as the volunteer founder and chief visionary at thirst relief and loves sharing the thirst story with passion while recruiting others to join our team effort to end thirst.

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David Bielby

With travel experience and service in Europe and Asia, David has a burning desire to help the poorest people in the world. It is this very desire that brought him to Thirst Relief in 2016.

David focuses on identifying, training deploying and encouraging Thirst Ambassadors. This can be an individual or a small business. Thirst Ambassadors help our team raise funds to make water filters through our local partners overseas. Even though millions of people lack clean water right now, each of our Thirst Ambassadors can change one family or school each week. Restaurant, coffee shop and sports bar owners can become Thirst Ambassadors by joining our Thirsty Thursdays campaign. David oversees this as well.

Our combined efforts together result in dramatically changing the trajectory of lives all over the world. Every person who gains access to clean, safe, and good tasting water through Thirst Relief feels like it is a little miracle! The miracle of clean water! Will you help us?

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