What We Do

Our mission is simple: change lives with clean water. With over 780 million people in the world today without access to clean water, we continue to expand our efforts to end the world water crisis.

Water is foundational in building a community’s future. Every twenty-one seconds a child dies from water-related diseases. We believe that clean water is one of the most basic human rights that everyone in our world should have access to.

This is why Thirst Relief began in 2005. We have partnered with communities around the world that are in dire need of our help. Our solutions to their needs vary in method. Depending on the location, community, and scale of need, we find the most appropriate methods available in that region.

Our two main solutions are Biosand filters and borehole wells. The unique design of these filters makes them long-lasting, reliable, and easy to use for those who depend on them. 


If we decide to drill a borehole well for a community, we know that occasional repair may be needed as that well ages. Our partners are more than willing to maintain any wells that need attention at their project sites.

Our goal is not to rescue. Instead, we empower local labor with local materials to create their own transforming tools. It is not only about what we can do, but what clean water will continue to do for them. This is not a short-term solution; this is an investment in the success of a community that will be passed on for generations. Because of these investments, last year alone we were able to help save over 7,700 lives..

The only piece needed for our plan to thrive is funding for cement and sand. Every cent donated goes straight to the communities we are in contact with overseas. One of the most incredible things about this project is that it can cost as low as $8 to give someone clean water for thirty years.

On top of that, we have found that on average when just $1 is invested in water and sanitation solutions, the economic return for that community is $8. By donating, you are not only saving someone from life-threatening conditions, you are also giving them a ladder out of extreme poverty.

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