What Is A Biosand Filter?

One of the biggest questions we are asked is, “What is a Biosand Filter?” Biosand Filters are designed by CAWST, the Center for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology. They provide the design and training needed to equip over 55 developing countries around the world with better water care treatment.

The filter itself is adapted from the more traditional slow sand filter, a method that has been used for drinking water for 200 years. It is a smaller design that can be easily placed in any household and requires little to no maintenance apart from the occasional rinsing.

One of the greatest things about this filter is that it works directly with nature. After the initial thirty days of usage, the system creates a culture within itself called the biolayer that fights against pathogens and contaminants within the water. From there, the water works its way through a layer of sand that pulls out the remaining contaminants. Once the water has gone through this simple, sustainable system it’s ready to drink.

We have chosen CAWST’s design and utilize the Biosand Filter because it is long lasting and very low cost. Each concrete filter we use lasts for 30+ years and can cost as little as $100. This price includes manufacturing, delivering, and training.

Biosand Filters are our preferred method of helping communities because they pull directly from the resources available to those who will be using them. Each item needed for the filter can be either found or manufactured locally.

Families’ and communities’ lives are radically changed by this beautiful solution that empowers them with a cleaner, simpler answer to their water needs. Sometimes the best answer to a complex issue is the simplest one. We have the infrastructure and partners ready to go; all that is needed is the funding.

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